So I bought a dreadful pack

Nothin’ worth…

After I get to level 30 I’m gonna quit the game. I’m only goin’ to that level cause of the referral thing.

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Yea I have an issue with the drop rate here as well. I just recently did the 10000 beans and only got one new Phobie (Chuck) from all the packs I openned. $150 CAN (conversion+tax) for one phobie is brutal…

I’m guessing its because the more Phobies you have the lower the chance of new ones, or something. (I’m at 94 total). But I was pissed (felt riped-off) and more likely not going to spend money anymore.

Edit: I just looked at how much I’ve spent total on my Steam purchases list for Phobies. I’m at $1111.41 CAN. So I guess I’ve entered the “Whale” category. Anyways, The more I spend, the more I feel riped off. This is not a good game for whales.

That’s a lot of money bro. My pal Klepto definitely gonna quit after your post xD

i need to make a mobile game.

good lord

if this obscure game can make that sort of money off one person imagine what some of the bigger games make. yikes

imagine being able to create money out of thin air, and still be greedy about it lol

Well to be fair, The first dozen dreadful packs did give a lot of new Phobies, hence why I have 94. But once I got passed 75ish, it really slowed down. Which is really not good, I want the same value for my money throughout.

@HuntingTreasure Keep in mind only maybe less than ~1% of gamers become whales.

Are you the one who reffered me? I can’t remember. But if it is you and you’re quitting, than I ain’t got a reason to stick around.

What other mobiles y’all play? Maybe we can get down on those games instead?

So, I bought my first horrific pack and few 3000 tear pack , and was kind of excited to open what I grinded whole week for …and I got 'Jill ’ ONLY :expressionless:

Tomorrow I will be opening season pack of league
'sum of all fear ’ and a 3000 tear pack !

To be continued…
I got baba yaga

I wont be quitting anytime soon, too much invested. However I probably wont be spending anymore, too costly for new Phobies once you get to 90+

No we are not freenemies just messing around :smile: and I don’t think it’s fair to promote other games here… With all respect <3