How I can make a NEW phobies account?

You know I need to do an extra account but I dont want to erase my previous account I was searching a lot but I canto find can you help me please?

Hey AdGod!
Before you log off, uninstall/reinstall or do anything that could compromise your account, you will want to make sure that you have your account bound to an email. This is super important!

To switch accounts you can go to the options menu in-game if you’re already signed in and scroll down to my account

  • Just above the ARENA icon, you will see a gear
  • Click on the gear to be brought to the news page
  • Bottom right-hand corner, click options
  • Scroll down to my account
  • Click on Switch Account

Always make sure that your accounts are bound to email, otherwise you may lose access to them.

Thanks chu! As I said before I need to create a new account, and the change account button is to change on to an existent account please help me!!!

Thanks as well

In order to change the account, you should first save your account’s recovery number and link it to your mail. After doing so, you can uninstall and re-install. After doing so you’ll start a new account you can link with other mail. That’s the moment when you can use the change account to another existent account

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks sheda I ha e my recovery email to this account now im going to uninstall phobies and re install

I ha e unistalled and re installed the game 2 times and it start with my account so I cant create a new please help

Are you playing on steam or mobile? Because on steam you can’t create a new one :sweat_smile:

Im playing on phone exactly huawei y6 2018

That’s odd. You open the game after reinstalling without loging in and it pops the old account?

Yes I uninstall the game next I reinstall next I open and I have my account signed in

My account name is Darkfear7 and my email is

Hey there! Pardon the delay! Could you send a video / clip if possible to so we can see?
Maybe with you logging out of the game and showing the home screen?


Chu as I said I uninstall, reinstall and there is my old account (old because I dont have another account and I want to create one)
But the video uninstalling - re installing - opening is very long and heavy, but im gonna try

No worries at all! Take your time. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
Those were the steps I asked, for you to show in the video if possible.

Signing out > Homescreen > It logging you back in
It would be good for our team to see this.

Did you manage to unlink the account from your phone?