I lost my phobies account

Today when I woke up I started playing phobies to win beans and tears but my account was gone. I will create a new account and I will look for friends send me their names of phobies

Hey AkiraLover!

Sorry to hear that you’ve lost your account.

Was your account bound to an email? If so, have you tried the recover code method via sign in with existing user?

yes it was linked with my email and I copied the recovery code but when I used it it no longer takes me to my account

No worries at all. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t working. :frowning:

Could you email us at: community@smokingguninc.com

We will need the following information:

  • In-Game Name
  • Account Creation Date (when did you create your account, please include your time zone)
  • Date last accessed account (when was the last time you were able to log in?)
  • Device used to play the game
  • Last Phobie Acquired
  • Frenemy’s IGN (Any of your Frenemy’s Usernames, if you have any, or just mention type “None” if you don’t have any Frenemy in the game)
  • How did you lose your account?
  • And any of the following as additional proof that the account is yours:
    • Last transaction (date and time in UTC or your time zone)
    • Receipt or any proof of purchase