Retrievinf old account

Some time ago i uninstalled Phobies leaving my old account tied to my email address in the void, recently i installed the game again and can’t figure out how to get my old acc back.
Thank you for the help

Hey there!

In order for us to recover your account, you will need to email the following information:

  • In-Game Name
  • Account Creation Date (when did you create your account, please include your time zone)
  • Date last accessed account (when was the last time you were able to log in?)
  • Device used to play the game
  • Last Phobie Acquired
  • Frenemy’s IGN (Any of your Frenemy’s Usernames, if you have any, or just mention type “None” if you don’t have any Frenemy in the game)
  • How did you lose your account?
  • And any of the following as additional proof that the account is yours:
    • Last transaction (date and time in UTC or your time zone)
    • Receipt or any proof of purchase

It’s also super important to remember to have your email bound to the account. You mentioned that you had an email address tied, was it one that you no longer have access to?
If you still have access you can try to open game and click existing user and follow those prompts.

Creation date:June 10 and time zone U.S?
Last time accsessed account: Aug 13
Device:I-phone se
Last phobie acquired:thunderrocks
I lost my account because i wanted to make a second acc so i did and then after i did i wanted to go back or switch back to my main account but then it was asking the recovery code and stuff and i was really confused so everytime i requested the code it wouldnt show me in the email.

Hey there!
I believe we have resolved the account issue, correct? :slight_smile:
Just following up here on the Forums.