How Is This Possible?

Could someone please explain to me how this is even possible or did the opponent cheat??

I would like to see the game to see what happened, but it is possible.

Hi sorry I was too free and curiousity got the better of me. I watched it and he won by killing your last unit before the final tick of stress damage to the heart. It really sucks that all it took was 1 damage but it’s definitely clean and no cheating is involved. I think you played well though, keep it up buddy!

Hello, thank you for sharing your time with this :slight_smile: The thing that I don’t understand though is the turn right before the last one where he kills my last unit with only 1 health remaining is actually if you look at his Heart, it has 226 health remaining, so with the upper hand in occupied zones, I should have won the game at that moment, but his Heart health reduced to 1, which allowed him to kill my last unit and win the game. The zones increase in incriments of 50, and depending on how many you occupy determine show much health your opponent loses each turn… How is then possible that his heart was at 1…? It’s impossible, and I should have won the match the turn before he killed my last unit. I’m prettt sure it’s some kind of hack or cheat that leaves 1 unit of health on your heart instead of going to 0.

sorry if i take a part to this conversation but if your staremaster for example is with 1000 life is poisened stands on fire, is poisened and on a trap taking 299, 300 and 400 damage, it will still live on 1 and blow up the remaining enemy unit.
maybe we’re in different leagues but one zone gives me 225 points of damage so even with a advantage of 4 to 3 zones for example the enemy would have still 1 point remaining by 226. maybe this changes in sum of all fears to 250 each, i don’t know. when you had an advantage of 2 zones, than cheating is kinda obvious, otherwise it just fits
Sometimes it’s just the math and being kinda unlucky but get him on 1 … i had this with some units, but the heart?