Cheater used 3 actions with Eratic

During my last Arena game, you can check under my account email. A cheater was using 3 actions with Eratic, completely destroying the meta of the game.
I hope you can review it and ban it, this kind of players destroy the fun of the game which is huge

Hi Akhail! Sorry you experienced this but can you please send us more details about the incident as we need to understand what exactly happened and gather more information for our investigation. Please email us at

Is it possible that you saw them take an action, undo it, and then re-take that same action? I’ve often been fooled into thinking that my arena opponents were making an egregious amount of attacks in one turn.

Nah, he did the same thing twice, I waited to see if it had been what you said but he repeated the trick. Moved and attacked twice

Im experiencing a few curious things, fortunately is just a 5% of the times. It happened to me like 2 days ago that my opponent summoned a couple of 5 key phobies(total 10 points) having already used all his previous keys, we were almost at the end of the game, which resulted in his victory… this kind of cheats will dissapear eventually I guess