How many active players in phobies

How do i know how much people play phobies?

No real way to tell really, ig you can look at their most recent battles

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There’s a way to estimate this but it’s a little tedious. Go to mount ego and scroll down until you find pages of single digit players or the bottom (i tried, got to ~12000, then got distracted, when i came back and unlocked my phone it had reset to the top). Let’s say you get to 20 000, when all the players are single digit i.e. don’t play. I’d estimate that people only play 1hr a day total, and are spread roughly evenly over the 24hr day so 20 000 / 24 ~= 800 players online every hour. I don’t actually take an hour to make all my waiting moves, and i probably open phobies 4 ish times a day so at any random time I’d expect 200 to 400 players actively online when i am. Remember, that was assuming 20k active-ish players, and using my own estimates of daily usage. If you get a larger sample, you’ll get better estimates.

Far fewer play arena and you are dividing the number of players waiting into minutes, so there, depending on time of day, there can be no other players.