Thoughts about the game and concerns about new players

I understand this game has a very small community and that’s fine, but what are the developers doing to increase the number of new players and to keep them playing? Because there’s really isn’t much new content coming out (events, game modes etc)

My personal experience of this game has been very pleasant, but the lack of new content and no different types of game modes gets very stale after awhile, especially in late games.

It’s a very big shame for this amazing game to have so much potential, but the lack of new players and little content is frightening for the future of Phobies.


phobies is already 1 year old game and it spread quite fast in the beginning but then the growth slowly decreased

time will give us more surprises and improvement because the summer update is coming and maybi more new pleyers will try to play phobies

we should give it a time and see what will heppen.

Only time will tell, we cant expect a small dev team to push out massive content like multi-million dollar mobile game companies do, the game is as good as it is now because of the hard work of this team, its their game, they run it how they want to. All we can do is have faith and enjoy Phobies.