How to claim season rewards?

I have a problem.My user name in Phobies is same in this forum(Lucky_7).My season reward does dont claim.When I reach 20 wins,my reward just dissapers.I dont see him anymore.Does someone know how I can claim it?Please help.

Hey there!

Once the season ends you should receive your pack/goodies depending on the amount of games you have played. :slight_smile:

It still shows in that image 25 days and 3 hours.


Thank you @chu I dont know that because I am just a begginer.I think that is time when season ends and when the time expires,I think I lost my rewards.Thank you so much @chu

That’s quite alright and you are very welcome!

Do you recall when you started playing Phobies and approximately how many games you had before the season had ended? :slight_smile:

I started to play phobies a few weeks ago.
I d never played when season ends.
I started to play when this season start approximately.This season is my first season.Now I have 29 wins.@chu.

Perfect! So when the season comes to a close, depending on the amount of games you play, you will receive your reward that corresponds to the amount of games played. : )

The more matches you complete the better.