Idea of emotes(🔥)

The idea of ​​applying emotes in the game, their use would be in the Arena as well as asynchronous (it would only be appreciated in replays) the idea is that Spam cannot be done, since only the first player on his turn will do it. being able to use the emote and the opponent doesn’t (to avoid spam and play carefully), then when the turn is over and the opponent touches it, then the opponent will be able to use their emotes. And another thing is that the emote would NOT belong to the movements of the phobies, the idea would be that when touching the fobie a button would appear for them to express the emote, but it does NOT belong to the movements of each one. . and obviously it is up to each one to want to use them in the middle of their plays. and that they also necessarily have to have the corresponding phobia with the corresponding emote, in order to use it. and in addition to this it is to sell the idea even more, it is to make ultra rare emotes and common emotes so that there is a distinction when used with the golden balloon and the other white balloon. (this idea has had a very good impact, yes it helps this idea, surely it can be applied to the game in the future)


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I didn’t understand.

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I think this is a superb idea, maybe making the emotes in a separate button and not attaching them to a phobie like clash Royale would be better. Love the art aswell

I like the idea, being able to communicate with your opponent during the game would be fun ;).

Will emotes be use on arena only