Im about to quit playing this game

Im a recent player, almost 4 months, my problem with this game is the matchmaking, its 2-3 weeks they keep matching me with people with phobies 6-7 levels, even 8 levels above my phobies, i can play against 3 or 4 levels above but 6-7 is literally impossible to win. Like the 80% of the games are like that and its so frustating because i love this game, but keeping losing because of that is undermining my desires of playing it.
Ive always reached the limit day of tears and played the 42 weekly games because i saw improvement, but like i said, its been 2-3 weeks that i keep losing because of phobies levels and now barely make the daily limit and the weekly games because im lossing the passion i had. The matchmaking its horrible for new players like me and honestly its the reason thats gonna make me quit this game.
I introduced a few friends into the game and they already quiting because of that, and im about to quit too if this BIG problem persist…
Hope the team sees this post, but something tells me that they already know pretty much that this is a big issue.


I can feel your pain for me i’ve never had that happen but getting matched with players that are higher level than you is just not good


I have the same problem, I solved it by getting to lower ranks (not so low that you will be the overpowered one) , while trying to keep my arena rank as high as possible to keep the rewards from getting so low even tho arena is way harder and the players are way overleveled but that’s the only way I found, I did it 3 days ago and the results are good so far

I have the same problem too , When that happens I just take a break only playing asinyc, Good luck and I hope you continue playing this awesome game :slight_smile:

Just be a pw2, it solves everything

I understand your pain, it’s just the fate of mobile PtW games. I have some tips how to counter underleveling:
1)Upgrade phobies whose abilities are not stat-based(action-removing, movement-stopping, push/pull, sedimentary , voodoo etc);
2)Focus on upgrading phobies with less stats, for they are less reliable on getting stats from upgrades;
3)Upgrade higher rarity phobies, cuz they need less cards for upgrades.