Making a BOOM for every key class cuz I can part: 7 key-C-C-C-C-COOLER (i tried my best with the name ;-;)

Info: hey, cool down a bit
(Back) or maybe you should cool down A LOT
Rarity: ultra rare
Hp: 650
Movement: 3, walking
Ability: chill out!
Sacrifices self in order to deal damage to adjacent phobies and freeze them
Range: 1
dmg: 750
Ice duration: 2

Very cool, and design very incredible, it woyld be cheated xD

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Yes, very COOL indeed… feels ashamed for creatimg such a disgraceful, utterly horrible, braindead, and honestly offensive pun ever created on this planet and 2 other planets


Bruh, why???
It’s true the nqme is not that really great, but the design is incredible

I think the bad joke gives the cart a funny and unique touch by the way pretty cool concept