Share your tips

Everyone has been playing for a bit now so I ask the question, what kind of cool strategy’s have you come up with and do you have any tips you would like to share?

I will start with a couple:

  1. Always attack with your damaged undead Phobie first. The more health he takes the more health he gets back. Finish him off with a regular Phobie.

  2. Mix up the types of Phobies you have. If you use nothing but robots you’re one electric Phobie away from your demise.

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Good idea for a thread! Here’s a couple of mine:

  1. Enemy just a single hex too far for Eratic or Klepto? Drop an obstacle with Gravedigger right in front of the enemy and attack the obstacle with your AoE Phobie to chain the attack.

  2. Murderwing is a hard counter to Jar Cannon. Keep him upgraded so you can one shot Jar Cannons with your ability. Also keep your Jar Cannon upgraded to try and outpace other people’s Murderwing ability damage. If you can survive a Murderwing special ability, your Jar Cannon becomes a lot harder to deal with.

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Here’s a couple of tips that I can share with the community.

  1. Consider the map that you are playing with - different map, different strategy.
  2. Capture Panic Points efficiently using your low level key Phobies in early round, then back them up with stronger Phobies - as I observed while playing tons of games, the player who control these Panic Points efficiently is most likely to win!
  3. Analyze every situation before doing a move, as certain cards have weaknesses that you can use in your advantage!

And if you happen to play with OP Phobies, talking about high leveled up ones, like really the stronger ones, uhmm… Just enjoy the game. LOL!

Happy playing everyone!

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Mine would be:

  1. Be mindful of the keys, both yours and your opponent. After all, key management is the key XD
  2. Maximize the use of moves and range of every Phobie, some are good to be kept in the backlines while some are good in engaging to other Phobies.
  3. Try every possibility you can execute every turn, since every decision matters.

Overall, its fun learning from games win or lose so just enjoy every game!

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What I’ve found out is this.

  1. On stage Crypto Smother Mother is op af! Take control of the map with Gravedigger, Razer Mouth, Jar Cannon and Murderwing before saving 9 keys to get Smother Mother. Once she’s in the match tanky units like Cerberus, Fish Tank and Hi-Five won’t matter. When they’re in range snatch em up an jump em.

  2. On stage The Big House throwing units combined with builder units are op af. Mount Crushmore and Gravedigger can block off pathways to make zoning enemies possible. You can block off areas to captured panic points and single out high priority targets using units like Heavo, Heavo 2.0, Heavo 3.0, Jar Cannon, Unbearable etc.

There the pay-to-win model of the game is a big issue.

If you get wins, you get matched up against opponents that have much higher collection levels than you (even though I’ve been very active), to the point that those hard counters are negated.

When your highest phobie is lvl 7-8 and the opponent has a level 14 or 15 Jar Cannon that can actually tank Murderwing’s nuke, that’s a very good example of how the game just says: throw money at the game and you will have a very unfair advantage.

Awesome thread! We need more tips! Bumping this thread up! :slight_smile:

My top tips-
1.setup strong early game control in the center of the map and then play defensively. Wait for your opponent to make a misplay by developing his phobie to deep, then punish him by combo killing his phobie with your phobies.

2.multiple weak phobies > one strong phobie. This is because having multuple units allows for you to spreadout the damage and it allows you to combo kill enemy phobies.

3.If your opponent takes early stress point control, then summon range phobies to poke him off those points. After this slowly retake map control.

4.Develop your highest lvl phobies always.The raw stats of leveled phobies are all that it takes sometimes to win the game. For example your lvl 8-9 Jar cannon cant get oneshot by a lvl 5- 6 murderwing’s ability and that puts your opponent in a though spot where has to make less optimal plays.