Opponent was able to make 3-4 plays at a time with same Phobie

This player Nematoth was able to make 3-4 plays with the same character at a time. Is this a glitch or is there some type of upgrade you can buy?

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Could you create a ticket by sending us an email at community@smokingguninc.com with the following information?

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I’m not a dev, but in pure curiosity of probable game breaking bug i look at your match. ive seen no illegal moves he (nematoph) made. no 3 or 4 moves made, are you sure you’re not mistaken?

can you tell us which character did 3-4 moves and which turn?

Sometimes players make an action and then instantly undo it (by pressing the button in bottom left corner of the screen), allowing them to make an action again. In such cases it looks like they are doing more than 2 moves during a single turn, but in fact they do only 2, because all effects of undone moves are canceled.