Async bug (Phobie with "infinite turns")

Hello my IGN is LuchyCRA and i found a bug in Async.

Phobie: Psyclops.

Platform: Android.

U can see how my Psyclops has many turns. I didn’t use that bug to take advantage, It was just to make the video so i could report the problem.

I have a video too but, i can’t post it. The forum doesn’t let me.

Lmao. Did u just run around destroying all his phobies?

Hello @LuchyCRA1, this is really an interesting bug, just to validate the server kicked you after that match correct?, by any chance do you remember how it happened? (e.g the steps you did for it to happen), if so please open a ticket in our discord server, or email

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I have a video on my YouTube Channel but, i can’t post any links or videos. It has TWO parts:

1st: I show the Bug were my Psyclops has 4 Billion turns. It was just a normal game with some lag (in the video u can see the lag clearly).

2nd: I show that i didn’t take any advantage of the Bug, because I went out and went back in (i didn’t get kicked).

U can find me as “LuchyCRA” and a Brony icon on Youtube.


Thank you for reporting this bug to us! I have already shared this report to our QA team and they should look into this asap.

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Unfortunately, our team can’t seem to reproduce this bug, can you please provide us with the step by step instruction on how we can encounter this bug? You can type in Spanish if it will help you to be more detailed, our Spanish speaking moderators will assist us in translating.

In addition, can you please email your game logs to us at

Here’s how to get your game log: How to REPORT A BUG

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Gracias por permitirme hablar en Español!
Como dije antes, simplemente estaba jugando en Asínc y de repente tuve mucho lag. Luego mi Psyclops estaba con cuatro mil millones de turnos e inmediatamente me puse a grabar.
Me disculpo pero no tengo una computadora, así que, nose cómo podría compartir mediante email los archivos de registros de batallas.


Okey perfecto. Solamente te ha pasado una vez? O ya van varias veces?

Por cierto, Gracias por el reporte.

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Solo una vez, perdón por la tardanza en responder.

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LoL that looks like an unsigned value went negative and wrapped around. e.g: -1