Is blinky good?πŸ˜”


He’s usable.
Decent on some of the larger maps where you wanna fly over abyss tiles to capture stuff early game (as an alternative to Murder Wing or just as a second flyer).
Can be used as a early game bully if you don’t have any of the better ones or it’s overleveled compared to your other units.

Tbh I wish it was even better or had some special ability, because it’s my favorite design in the game as of right now. :slight_smile:


I did not expect someone to reply😳

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Kinda just use it as a secondary bully, yellow basically got it right, its an alright option but a flyer is a flyer might come in handy not bad if you want to apply extra pressure. Just dont be reckless with blinky you might lose it easily especially since you cant heal it with spa’s.


I dont use it, therefor i didnt level him up. I can see it comes handy in some situations but i feel it needs i little bit of work