Smiley buff?

Is it just me or does Smiley seem slightly unbalanced? I love the Phobie and his ability is quite powerful, but I think he could benefit slightly from a cost reduction (4 keys rather than 5) or even a bit more health. No attack and 1 movement makes it quite hard to get him going most games, especially when most people tend to focus him and you really cant get a good position. Just a thought, let me know what you guys think, or any helpful tips regarding Smiley!

For me, he’s ok as he’s now: situational, but very powerful when used in the right context. A lot of phobies are situational to really shine. I well-used Smiley can make your opponent back down and you can make a lot of pressure and control key points. At 4 he would be too strong imao.

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No no Smiley is quite good. He is currently in my top 3 mvp in my stat page, and I’m fairly high on leaderboard (top 20 currently) made it 5th a couple times in the past few weeks. If anything he might be a bit… tiny bit OP

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What? Smiley is great IMO.
I mean I guess it’s kind of situational, but it’s also really damn good into some things (like if your opponent goes heavy zombies or heavy dimensional, especially if they have low movement like Eratic or Stabby)
It’s only really weak against players that stack mechs, or run a lineup mobile enough to just kite it after poisoning it.
Honestly he’s more in need of a rework/nerf than a buff, currently he’s a bit too strong into undead. (although that said there are other phobies that are worse offenders of being too good :stuck_out_tongue: )