Opinion on Badside Manners?

I think he sucks :< i don’t see any use for him.

He is so slow so he cant get into battle quickly, his damage is mediocre and he has line of sight so you can block him snappy is better honestly, badside does nothing for 5 keys. Not a threat, slow, and eats up a bit of keys.

Such a shame, his design is really good…


Yeah I do not see a good use of him either. Might be a tiny bit useful for this undead event for you to spam all the undeads though. Even though he will for sure be the last one to unleash xd.

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Yeah, also i noticed your new so hello!

Greetings, my lord. New in the forum but into this game for a while xd.

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Well, I think he’s meant to be paired with other phobies, like conductor or Gonzo/Scritch etc , he’s kind of like an undead bo-mangles, so I think he’d be great with the right phobies, but in not sure, i’d have to get him first to test him out.

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Yeah but every phobie does better with gonzo so thats a pretty low bar, there are better gonzo targets anyway like klepto, heavo 2 or 3 hematic or even plain ol ginsting etc. I think using gonzo on a turret probably means your on defense or waiting to collapse on the opponent AOE with gonzo is much more effective.

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Fair point, but sometimes, you aren’t looking for AOE, if the opponents phobies are spread out, you’d want Gonzo and staremaster for single target damage, or use Gonzo on a undead to heal them, but i mainly meant the etc. Part, there’s probably other phobies badside could be really good with, you just gotta get creative, think of furnace and boomer for example, not only is badside healing and taking 50% reduced damage, boomer prevents them from using your own smoke against you, but once again, i would have to get badside and test him out with a bizarre range of phobies

Personally I think he’s pretty damn bad. If I’m getting a turret I’d rather have BoMangles or Stabby. If I want a Undead turret I could go Unbearable and abuse it’s lob or I could go Snappy which has 100 more health and 50 less attack but costs 1 less key.

Honestly when they revealed Badside Manners I thought they had made a typo because it seemed that underwhelming lol

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But the problem is, stabby is very weak to poison and disease, bo-mangles is weak to electrical damage, and while badside is hurt by disease too, he can heal it off by still staying in the fight with the 40% leech, without having to use keys on a heal phobie, leaving your keys open to phobies more focused on the fight rather than healing one phobie and the sitting in the back for a few turns twiddling their thumbs

Stabby isn’t weak to poison at all since Muffintop exists (along with some other strong healers), disease is mostly on higher cost (or bad) phobies so that doesn’t really counter it either.
If anything Badside Manners is weaker to poison than Stabby is.
BoMangles is soft countered by some electrical units, but most electricals are either higher cost and slow or have pretty shitty stats to the point where them going for them might actually be good for you.
Even if I wanted a undead turret Badside Manners wouldn’t be my first choice, Snappy or Unbearable would. Personally don’t think he really has a spot. Even if I for some reason wanted a larger undead turret I’d prefer Erratic or Jeeves in most situations (not that I’m especially keen on using those either, undead is generally speaking the weakest race).

Not everyone has muffintop , and badside is cheaper than erratic and jeevus, and sometimes you don’t need unbearable, or even have him, much less snappy. temptressss, thunder rocks, and ray chargles are great electrical phobies, with thunder and temptress beinf near the cheaper side, and they’re all 2 speed, and their stats aren’t the best, but they’re not supposed to be. Also, my point was, with badside you wouldn’t need to summon heal phobies, unlike with bo-mangles and stabby, if you want to use stabby or bo-mongles, then use them, don’t try to use badside for something its not. I know he has a place in this game, or else the devs wouldn’t have put him in. I’m not sure why you think undead are the weakest race, Foul has the strongest disease in the game, next to smiley, even so, their is no weakest race, it’s all a rock paper scissors of this beats that, and it really depends on a individual phobie, abd their abilities and stats, the race is more of a balancing feature honestly

His attack is too low to benefit from staying in a fight. He doesnt leech enough to warrant that.

At level one, badside does 400 damage, same as static and jeevus, 25 more than unbearable, 20 less than bo-mangles, 25 more than stabby, it’s also to note that he will be under level when you first get him, so he will automatically be weak until you level him up, not to mention the only two undead that have more level one health is hi-5 and Cerberus, he’s tied with Wuffalo Whill at level one health, so hes certainly tanky, and to be fair, undead leech isn’t supposed to full heal them in two attacks, you’re supposed to have a tank phobie eat damage, and any lobbed or flanking hitas on badside, he will eventually heal it off, I am dying on this hill that badside is a good phobie

Have you used him with any success?

All of my phobies are level 10-13, badside is 3, I haven’t used him because he his drastically under leveled, and therefore, will under perform, you can buy xp, but you can’t buy upgrade cards, so i wont use him for a while, but when he is on level i will get back to you with that

I started using my level 6 badside, most of my main guys are around level 11. He does alright on small maps with choke points but his damage really warrants he has suitable allies to help him deal with phobies he just cant kill. He does stay on board for a bit, but i could say the same thing about snappy or unbearable. He is unplayable on big maps for sure WAY too slow and his stats just dont make it for it.

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Then again, he is still under leveled, if he stays on the board a bit at 6 imagine 11, mines still only level 4 while my others are 11-13, my luck is terrible T~T, but he does great in my frenemies level 1 fights, eats decent damage while dishing some out, and if I’m going to use 1 speeds on big maps i either play back some or use my favorite phobie of all time, paddles

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Maybe he has a chance… i have to test him against a frenemy at level 1 to really see though. So far he performs suprisingly alright for an underleveled phobie. Not the best but not bad.

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I’d love to test him out, but I keep fighting people with level 13-15 phobies against my level 11-13, with a level 4 badside, so I have no opportunities to test in a non frenemies fight

Ok, after using him for a bit i have to admit…he is actually not bad, at all. He has some seriously amazing attributes in some cases.

He has a middle of the road key cost.

He has comparable stats to higher keys while costing less ( i know hes a one mover lets talk about that later)

Now what this really means is that Badside is really good at holding down a point. His damage is serviceable but its his health that makes him so annoying, especially for a 5 key.

On small maps he can be a menace and in some situations on big maps he can sometimes mess with your oppoent, he is a big diversion, he becomes very valuable if you can get him into a spot where the opponent has to deal with him.

But Badside’s biggest strength is his disruptive potential with allies. He can do some SERIOUS work with 1 ally as long as that ally has range he is almost unstoppable as a defender, if you need something to protect your panic points and threaten an unpleasant fight Badside can do it just fine. He seems to work especially well with 3 range phobies though, in my experience in-oculus is a good choice.

Badside is however very bad at pushing on big maps (for obvious reasons).

He can however be a good turn 2 on smaller maps, this can really put some pressure on your opponent to deal with him in some way, he is a great early move to lock down a panic point. This also gives you 2 options to pile on your opponent with low keys or what i think is the better option, to bank and cause even more chaos at another part of the map.

Overall i think his strength is in his resilience, he is a great deterrent for enemies and can be a big problem for your opponent.

Some stat comparisons-

BADSIDE- 2200 400 1move 2range (5)

MOTHERLOAD- 2200 410 2move 2range (7) ABILITY-52AOE50%2RANGEAROUNDUSER

ERATIC- 1800 400+electical300 1move 2rangeAOE50% (6)

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