Keep replaying my own turn on Async Mode Bug

Hiya, I encounter this bug.
I got internal error server when i was submitting the turn / clicking the end turn after “submit”. i thought its just that occasional interal server error bug so i decide to ignore it and just click reload. turns out when i want to play async again, im stuck on the same game that i have just submitted the turn on. and i try to fix it by closing the game and start it, and i still stuck on that game. the submit turn greyed out and i cant go to other async cause the game think i havent submitted turn. the issue still persist until now

i also mail the the logs and a video recording of it.

Phobies IGN : Noodlecrime
OS : Android 11
Device : Samsung A52

Let me know what else i can provide :slight_smile:


Hello, the bug have now gone after either someone else submitted a turn or the opponent sent his/her turn. i am not sure, however, everything is normal again.
You can close this thread.

Thank you :heart: