Let’s see who is the first to solve this challenge #4

sorry i cant read spanish but im gonna assume that Staremaster should survive this turn right?

on that assumption then

moffet move one tile to right
Staremaster 2 move to the 500 damage trap above moffet
Clinico move to panic point above him and heal staremaster for 750 health also cure poison.
staremaster now has 1950 assuming he has big enough of a level
end turn will cause 500 damage from trap and 1000 from disease leaving staremaster with 350 health

i hope im right :sweat_smile:

staremaster maximum health is 1200 so he would die when receiving 500 damage in the trap and 1000 disease, good advice I will put the objective in English in this forum

i give up on this one :frowning: I’ll wait till someone get it right :joy:

maybe , just maybe

the moffet can drag smiley
staremaster hit it once and change the disease from 1000 to 350
then gravedigger open pathway to the left of staremaster and let staremaster step on trap with poison to change the poison damage to 250. so in total…
350+250+350 = 1050
staremaste alive with 150 health

is this is? :smiling_face_with_tear:

congratulations you have won the challenge

omg i didnt know that works :joy: i know the poison do that but i dont know the disease works the same :joy: more challenge! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: