Let's see who is the first to solve this challenge #1

Droney to tile under stabby
Octo to right side of doughzer
Grave digger move two tile and open pathway for hammer head
Octo naughty drag stabby
Hammerhead push doughzer
Ginsting move two tile to right where octo used to be and kill jar cannon with skill
murder wing go to hole and finish eternal knight with skill

Do i get reward? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It is an event that I am doing in the Latino Phobies Facebook group with a prize of $200 MXN at the end of the month to whoever wins the most challenges, I uploaded the challenge here for pleasure, the prize is for the members of the group, if you want to win the prize join the latino phobies group and put your solution there, there are the contest rules

aww :frowning:
I’m asian :frowning: have fun with the event then :smiley: