Phobia labels

Yesterday, me, @Turlin and @Yaki thought of adding info about which phobie is based on which phobia, to the Phobies Wiki. So I created this thread to get your ideas about which phobie is based on which phobia. Here are some examples:

-Razor Mouth: Aulirophobia (Fear of Cats)
-Ginsting: Tryophobia (Fear of holes), Melissophobia (Fear of bee stings)
-Eratic and Sparky: Electrophobia, I think we all know what that could mean.


I personally believe that,

Muffintop (and other food based Phobies), could be based on Cibophobia, or the fear of food.

Henrietta is Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders.
Bo Mangles is Coulrophobia, or fear of clowns.

K-9000 and Cerberus could be Cynophobia, or fear if dogs.

Doctor Dermic could be several, including fear of needles, Aichmophobia, or the fear of doctors, Iatrophobia. But I thing Trypanophobia, or the fear of injections, works best.

Fears of germs, diseases, and bacteria fit Gesundheit and Mike Roscopic very well. ( mike could also be the fear of small things)

Jack & Jill could be Gamophobia, or the fear of marriage.

Murderwing, Eternal Knight, and Gravedigger could be Necrophobia, or the fear of death.

Misanthrope could be fear of people, Anthrophobia.

I also have noticed several sharks, a common fear as well, or eve repersenting Hydrophobia.

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Snowball also could be Cynophobia.
Grimes is Necrophobia, without doubt.

Jar Cannon could be Claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) since the skull is stuck in a little jar.

Staremaster is Scopophobia (fear of eye contact)

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Great initiative!

I think it’s worthy to mention that not every phobie is based on a certain phobia, or at least not apparently. For example, Jar Cannon doesn’t seem to represent a specific phobia. You could add a miscellaneous category and group those phobies into that category if you’re willing to take this that far. And make sure you include the word “possibly”, “may” or anything similar when stating what phobia a certain phobie represents, since almost nothing is official. I’ll add a few:

Fowl may be the fear of chickens (alektorophobia)
Sheeping Gas may be the fear of farting or sheep (flatulophobia / ovinophobia)
Beauty is quite likely the fear of looking ugly (cacophobia)
Batula may be the fear of bats (chiroptophobia)
Clinico may befear of hospitals itself (nosocomephobia)

Also, Muffintop might be a fear of getting fat instead, along with Honey Bear (obesophobia). Add Miss Moffat and Sockassin to Arachnophobia. Ted (not Jack) and Jill could also be the fear of getting separated, which is called SAD and doesn’t have a phobia name, I believe.

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Alastor is obviously related to phasmophobia (fear of ghosts)

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