Lippy's Quest always inactive

Phobies in-game name: Wojtek
device: Samsung Galaxy 9+, model no: SM-G965F
Android 10
Every time the 22h inactive timer on Lippys Quest should end causing the quest to be active again, it just resets, again counting from 22h down, as if the quest was done, never giving me the chance to do the quest nor earn 5 coffee beans. This is happening for a few weeks now.
What should I do? Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

I can have someone take a look into this for you. Sorry that you’ve had experience this for as long as you have. We appreciate the report and the information. :slight_smile:

I’ll update you as soon as possible once I hear back from my teammate who will investigate this. :slight_smile:

I’ve just opened the game and got 10 beans through Lippy’s quest and it continued counting down inactive (at about 11h now) so I guess and hope it will be ok now, thanks :slight_smile: . If not I will write here again :slight_smile: thank you


I had one of our devs take a look into this and they were able to get it resolved. It should be fixed now. Happy to hear that you were able to get your beans. :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye out for any updates if it does happen again! ( Once reset happens, let us know if it remains bugged. )


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