Lipy my beloved

Lipy is just a tutorial character seen and speaking the most in the beginning, yet, after the tutorial, he subsides on the home screen as nothing but a decoration coming and going as programmed assumingly. Recently I have gotten word from him and it made my day as Lipy as a whole is a loveable, simple, and even sassy character with an even more loveable personality.
All I suggest and ask for is more voice lines from him, but not in a way that is too intrusive or annoying to certain players but more of a happy surprise to players such as me to get a small spark of dopamine while doing the regular on the game. To go into detail, finally, maybe when you get to a certain level, rank, or even get a certain amount of tears he may say something to you or if you want to go above and beyond make some type of spin the wheel, or whatever awards center you would like, so we can sit around and hear occasional voice lines while the player sticks around maybe even gaining random rewards or chances to respond to him for extra rewards. :lips:

tata :slight_smile:


Hey Teriaki!
Thank you for sharing this with us! We’re happy to hear that you enjoy Lippy! We’ve been receiving lots of feedback from the community in regards of their love for our beloved friend!

We’ll share this with the team for review!


Lippy will return. Have no fear!



Totally agree with you. I absoluteluy enjoyed the tutorial thanksnto him. The voice actor really Is something.

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We’re very happy to hear that you and the community are enjoying Lippy. He’s a personal favourite of mine and made the tutorial really enjoyable for me as well! :slight_smile:

I agree 100%, Lippy is just amazing and I would love the have him around and hear him sometimes!

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Lippy as a phobie. :eyes:

Lippy is the best, I wouldn’t mind him saying hello once in a while when I log in, what’s he been up to these days? Is he busy teaching all the new recruits the basics of the game? :sweat_smile:
I really hope he comes back soon.

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Lippy has definitely been a busy bee~ More than likely wrangling up some new Phobies wranglers!
We too, love Lippy, and hope to see more of him someday soon!

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