New Lippy voice commentary

Can we get an option to turn off the new Lippy voice comments? I’m a big fan of the Lippy tutorial at the start of the game, but now his voice is a nuisance smeared over all my matches, and he’s in the way of the game’s existing wonderful sound design.


Yes please! Can’t stand this feature in an otherwise brilliant game

Totally disagree with you, it suits in the game and it doesn’t actually speaks so often

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It only speaks if you’re playing well.

I think subtitles should be added to lippy commentary so you can see what he’s saying because I have trouble hearing his voice

Making it toggle able sure is a nice idea, adds to the user friendly experience, but as mentioned earlier lippy doesn’t speak as much.
lippy only talked during the tutorial before this update so he didn’t have as much spotlight as now

Thanks for your response. I’m a huge fan of Lippy. I just don’t want his few voice lines to become a repetitive noise during matches. More Lippy lessons would be great though.

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More lessons would be fantastic!

Lippy was highly appreciated and loved by the community so the team moved forward with finding ways to keep Lippy within the spotlight. As it’s an occasional thing and not necessarily too frequent, the team thought this would be a fun way to keep our beloved Lippy around!

In regards to a toggle-able option, I’d be happy to share this idea with the team and see what they think.