Losing points from winning

Hi, what is going on with the game? I just lost points for winning the match? This is ridiculous. Please help

Hey there!

Sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble. This doesn’t sound right and will be happy to have our team look into this.
Could you please provide the following information?

What is your in-game name?
Which opponent were you VSing at the time?
What device are you playing Phobies on?

We’ll be happy to get this reported in to our team for investigation.

Also, has this happened more than once?

Hi Chu, thanks but is there a support email I can send these details to? Or is the forum the only platform to request for help. Thanks :slight_smile:

And no these events don’t happen frequently! Thank goodness

We do have an email that you can share them to!
community@smokingguninc.com is our support inbox. :slight_smile:

Will do thanks Chu! Will send an email with the details and ss of this for continuation.

Hi Chu, any updates from the email? Thanks

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Hey there!

No updates yet but we will let you know!
We have our team sync today later on and will bring this up!