The match ended with my loss for some reason......?


sometimes a match is ended with my loss but I do not know why (this happened few times already). In this case I still have 1 summoned Phobie, my hearth is still “OK” (1400 hp left) and I also have 12 more keys. Still I lost the battle for some reason. I know if I loose a match there should be “Defeat” messege at the end of the match but in this case it just stuck, as if it waited for my next move BUT match is ended and its my loss.

Could you please tell me why? I dont have problem with loosing if its my fault/enemy has better tactics but this is just riddiculous.

Thank you.

Hey Sheppard,

Sorry to hear that you have had some trouble. Did you get any error pop-up at all? Desync detected or anything like that?

Could you provide us with the following information:
What is your Phobies In-Game Name?:
What device/system do you play Phobies on?:
What Operating System/Version are you using?:
Any screenshots/videos/clips of the error?:
Has this happened multiple times or just this once?

We may also need your logs so we can look further into this issue, Could you please email them to
To collect your logs, you can visit this forum link here and scroll down to the device you use to play Phobies.
Follow the instructions on how to collect them and attach them to your next email response: