Lost Beans

I purchased the Dailey double package but haven’t seen an extra amount of beans, tears or anything that increased my rewards after a match. I lost my 125 coffee and want help getting them back. Suggestions?

Hey there!

This is an explanation provided by our team:
The daily double simply doubles your caps and jacks so you can earn more resources through games. It doesn’t reward you with Tears or XP unless you had continued to make turns and completed battles with your currencies capped. When capped, any currency you could’ve earned go into a reserve. If you have any currency in this reserve when you buy a daily double then the reserve gets transferred into your wallet!

Do you recall anything at all once you redeemed it?

I see.

The way the I read it was it doubled amount earned after each game or round completion. RIP my coffee beans. I had waited till my cap ended to and bought the daily double.

It’s no worries! Apologies for the confusion.