Starter Pack - 2day Daily Double Bug

Hello there! I’d like to report a bug that I’ve encountered when purchasing the Starter Pack. I bought it today on my account named “dii” and got 600 coffee, rare phobie but not the 2day daily double. As you can see here, there’s no active buff.

I bought this as well on my “diichaan” account before but if I recall correctly, I received the 2day daily double (it even has the timer to when it will expire) but not actually really sure since I bought the buffs using coffee. :sweat_smile:

It’s just today that I’ve noticed about this since I didn’t make any in game purchase using my coffees.

Screenshot of no active buff.

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Thanks for reporting this to us. We’ve already forwarded this concern to our QA to look into. :slight_smile:

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