Daily Double

So the description says Immediately gets 9/9 Jack :clown_face:, 1000 Fear :droplet:, and some XP. but after I spendy coffee (125) I didn’t get any of it. I’m supposed to get these after I purchase it right? Or I’m gonna get it after 22h?Can somebody tell me if I get that right?

Hello @Hecatoncheir! Thank you for reporting this bug. Could you please provide your username and approx time when you bought the daily double to help us efficiently pinpoint the bug?

Hi good day, I don’t have the exact time but it’s March 28,2022. And I purchased it a minute right after daily cap refreshed. Would that help? It’s asian time here so that would be around 5pm - 6pm.

Hey @Hypnosterror can you please email us and provide us with all the details so we can assist you further? Here’s our customer support email: community@smokingguninc.com

thanks @nekorei I was doing some tests I already got the mail with the code to be able to use the account from any device and the double daily was also fine. Now I have a doubt if I buy the monthly payment today, August 28, will it expire until September 28 or will it last only until the end of this month?


Hey there!

I believe I answered a thread regarding this question. I hope the answer helps!
It should expire on the 28th. :slight_smile:

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