Lost Daily Double time due to maintenance

Hello guys, first of all thanks to you all for developing such a well designed game, it has become my new obsession instantly. You have the magic. My problem is about yesterday’s maintenance. My daily double was active when the game was off, and i had paid for it with real money. It is annoying to loose it, any chance you can add me 4 hours of DD buff when next time I am online?

Hello @Scyllia i will make sure the staff notices this as well as confirm your purchase and if possible to add any more time, i’ll let you know!

thanks for the fast reply, but I don’t see how your team is going to find my ingame purchases. Since we don’t have connected accounts with game and forum. There is no account in the game, just recovery codes. But I used the same e-mail and user name in here and in the game. If that is enough, you can help me then.

Hello. The team just recently confirmed to us that there will be an upcoming compensation to compensate for the emergency maintenance that occurred.

Hi Scyllia! Can you please email us at community@smokingguninc.com and include the following:

  1. Your in-game name
  2. Use the email address connected to your game
  3. A copy of the receipt/invoice from your purchase as proof of purchase
  4. The name of the item you bought and when you bought it

Also, we will have a Double XP for one week starting later today! :slight_smile:

Guys, double xp week was a great idea, it redeems everything and more, my purchase was the starting pack that includes 2 days of boost. No matter now, I will not demand anything else, I hope everyone who suffered loss are happy like me ^^

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