Map crypto

Hi guys, I started the game for 10 days.
I wanted to know what you think about crypto map. The design of this map seems a bit odd to me.
For exemple I’m stuck in a game where we are both (me and my opponent) looking at each others without doing nothing…

I suggest you try to resist until him get fed up; both are in dead end and whoever takes any panic pont will be at a disadvantage; although you could put it in trouble if you take it with k-9000 for being 2 keys.
normally there are siege fights and the opponent is expected to advance but you must reposition your phobies so that it does not arrive and sweep so that you cannot respond.
you should see if you can break or put up walls; if you get boried, give up or go for attack, whatever you see you will already see strategies as long as you become familiar with the map.

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In this particular scenario I’d likely wait for my opponent to slip.
However, if I notice that my opponent was waiting as well I’d try and find a crack and apply some pressure. It’s a pretty tough call.

I personally really enjoy this map a lot. Smaller maps are enjoyable. :slight_smile: