[Phobies Map Guide: Crypto] - By ManInYellow

Decided that I’d try making a quick map-guide just to see if it’s something that anyone would be interested in / could learn anything from. I chose to do it for Crypto since it’s one of the older maps (so it’s had more experimentation) and it’s in the current rotation.

Link: @ttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1E6od2s1IcRIV_tRP8NeTg-1ASgfFgyFCCIqUagoaJlU/edit (replace the @ with a ‘h’)

Criticism and suggestions are welcome since it was just something I put together fairly quickly while playing Phobies on my second monitor. :slight_smile:


Your guide was very helpful. Some strategies i already knew, but most of them i never thought of before. Thanks. After all, advice from a top tier player is not something you see every day :grinning:
Also, can i download the document for future view?

Glad you found it helpful. :smiley:
Feel free to download it if you want. (I don’t think I could stop you even if I didn’t want you to though? Not a big docs user so not sure how it works lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well made PowerPoint man! And straight to the point as well, I’ll certainly keep these different strategies and counters in mind when playing crypto seeming as I find it a particularly hard map to play on.

Nicely done! Have you already shared this in our official Discord Server? If not, you can share here in the #meta-chat channel as well.

I am sure more players there will appreciate this map guide you made. :slight_smile: