Matchmaking w/ Friends

My friends and I love to play mobile games, mainly if we can play against each other. I’ve invited some friends to play Phobies with me but this game doesn’t allow us to add/invite or play against our friends. There is any predictions of updates about buddy list with pvp?


I agree with this. If they aren’t in your limited friends list, there’s no way to even search them and play them. Also, frenemies matches give no rewards at all. Would be a welcome change that shouldn’t negatively affect anything else.

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To the OP question, there is Frenemies function on “more” button where u can add friends and play PVP without rewards

To the answer… if they give rewards on these cases will bring problems

1- Play arranged matches with friends to get benefits (to complete daily quests, or give up and give a lot of rewards each others

2- A lot of Multiaccounts to do the same on the point 1, but with no need to have a friend xD


They’ve pretty well kept multi accounts out. I think they could continue that here so I don’t see that part being an issue.

As to your first problem, I don’t see that as a problem. The quest are so specific that you have to go out of your way to complete them. Other than starting 4 games, I haven’t completed a quest in weeks. Some people also don’t hit the rewards caps every day, so just keep the rewards caps in place and they will not be progressing any faster than everyone else is permitted to progress without paying for more Jacks and xp. Just have it set up where the friends matches don’t affect your async or arena score (which is the way it currently is) Just add standard rewards and the ability to search players for the frenemies matches. It doesn’t require that much work and would add another game mode and players can ease up on their case that the game is too grindy. I think it’s a win for everyone.

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@stabberjabber Maybe there is no multiaccount because there is no point to have one today (or that I think XD)
But the multiaccounts with a VPN is something that u cant handle

Your second point is true in a way, but that would be unfair for people like me (that I dont pay anything) that play hard to get the rewards or some missions, maybe that work if the rewards are more limited than playing matchmaking

I also don’t pay anything and for me it would help with hitting the rewards cap everyday. (I don’t hit it everyday) it would just be another way to earn rewards which would help it feel less grindy imo. As it stands, there are only 2 ways to earn anything, async and arena. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but a viable 3rd option for those who want to use it would be welcome.

I understand what u mean… well let the devs decide hahaha
Glad to meet u, have a nice day!