So far, so good... So what!

Hi everyone.

I’ve been playing this game for almost two weeks now and I have some suggestions that I think it may improve the game.

I really like this game, it is the best phone game I ever played and I just have the most wonderful time playing it. I love the mechanics and the phobies too, they’re just so cool and I really have a great time collecting them, testing them, etc.

But, there are a few things that I don’t really like or understand:

-On one side, the game is oriented to play a lot of matches simultaniously, something that I really like, but on the other side the exp/tears/coffe cap feels contradictory and gives that sense of p2w, wich I think is the worst thing a game can do. Is like the way the game should be played tells you to stay and play a lot but it also doesn’t reward you for that so it feels wrong and not worth of your time. I honestly think the exp/tears/coffe cap should be removed, it makes no sense.

-The quest system isn’t good. You’re forced to play with concrete phobies wich you may not have upgraded cause it is too much expensive to upgrade everyone and the resources are so limited, and on top of that, you’re also forced to do concret tasks with those phobies. That was pretty annoying but possible to do, but now that it seems that you can’t do those quest with your frenemies, it is just awful and feels like a waste of time and ranked points. I think the quests should be a lot more general and be able to complete with your frenemies again. And maybe they could be a bit more longer but also give better rewards.

-I don’t think the boosters system is good neither. It should not be “booster tiers” just 1 type of booster like any other card game, and should be more easy to be obtained, right now it is p2w and as I said, that’s the worst thing games can do in my opinion.

-I think the PvP system needs to be more balanced, sometimes you find players that have better phobies than you, wich is expectable, not a big deal there, but sometimes they have phobies that are also 5-8 levels above yours, and there you have barely no options.

-Arena mode should be available on frenemies matches.

-Phobies in general are pretty balanced and usefull, maybe with a few exceptions but I think this is something you will improve eventually.

And that’s all, thank you for this wonderful game and all the work behind it.

Stay well.

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Yep you are right, the cap for xp and tears is a bit frustrating and also the quests too, I think they should be a bit more general (for example: “do 10000 damage to phobies” or something like that). I feel like it would be cool to keep the quests for specific phobies since some of them are fun but keep them just for those quests on which you get cards for that specific phobie for example. Also I think something like a game pass would pretty much fit the game if done correctly, it would reward players for playing if they pay a certain amount of money. I’m not disposed to buy in-game currency (too expensive for me) but I would gladly buy a game pass.

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