Max XP, Tears, and Coffe

Does anyone know about max XP, Tears, and Coffe cap each day at any level?

Hey Cibuu.

5500 for XP. It goes up with stress levels.
Coffee is 100.
Tears is 1250.

I hope this helps!


How many xp i can get on lvl 15 and 25 stress level?
And i think max tears is 1500 each day

You always get full tear reward if you haven’t reached your cap. E.g. if you have collected 1240/1250 tears, then you can still get full 300 tears for a win.

After reaching 15th stress level you get permanent 30% bonus to exp and cards from quests, gameplay and jacks. This bonus is increased by another 30% for every 10 levels (25 level - 60% bonus, 35 level - 90% bonus, etc.).

I am not sure about experience cap tho. My cap is 13650 at level 39, so it increased much more than exp bonus.

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