Tears daily cap

Hi, i’m a new player and i won my first 50 matches so i always got 1500 tears each day for 10 days.
But, when i got my first lose i think i didnt get 1500 tears that day.

So, how much is the tears daily cap? Is it 1500 tears a day or total tears from first 5 matches completed?

Hey there!
Regarding tear amounts. 1250 would be considered soft cap with a potential of reaching 1500.

what does soft cap mean? also whats are the daily caps for beans and exp. n what r drop rates of jacks

Soft cap usually refers to the minimum amount you’d be able to earn. The maxmimum amount of tears per day would be 1500 with all games won.
For the beans it would be 100 and for exp, I believe 7500.

For the jacks, the types of jacks are pre-determined and what is within them is determined at the time you open them. Regarding the rates, I don’t have that info on me. Might be a question best asked in our discord: Discord.gg/phobiesgame

Hi guys. New player here. Really love phobies. So i reached my first tear cap after binging about 8 hrs straight on phobies. Then i waited fornmy tear cap to expire . Now tear cap is up yet i still don’t get any tears. What’s going on pls? :frowning:

Hey there! Pardon the delay! I am reaching out to see if you are still experiencing issues with no tears appearing.