More Detailed Information

Could you guys make an in-game encyclopedia or lore book explaining cards, skills and effects in better detail? I still don’t understand why I can’t use Heavo 2.0’s skill right away. The cards and characters are interesting, I’d like to read bio’s an a story for the game if y’all were thinkin’ of makin’ somethin’ like that.

Heya! Thanks for this suggestion/request. I will check with our dev team if they’re open to this. We already have a team of volunteers who are building our game wiki. It would indeed be good to add those information in there.

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Sorry to interrupt, but we need more free tears :frowning:

That actually appears on the card.

Compare its cooldown symbol with that of another toon that can use its skills right away.
Heavy 2.0’s shows 1 :watch: 2, meaning 1 turn initial and 2 after use.
A regular skill will just show :watch:1, stronger skills (for instance healing) :watch:2.

That’s not super clear and you have to deduce it yourself, so indeed an encyclopedia would help. But it is there.

I should stop taking time for this, I’m going to stop playing. :sweat_smile: