To the Devs - Rusty

Hi there, hope a member of the team is able to give me an answer. Can you guys please do something about rusty? I get that it is a joke but it’s not funny anymore when the game keeps giving you upgrade cards for it. Can you guys please tweak it or give it a massive buff? And also when is the next patch where the characters get re-adjusted? I’m sure many players are waiting on this.

Hi, still waiting on a word from the devs.

I am genuinely tired of getting Rusty cards :sob:
Change him to a 1-key and buff him a little and I would love to use him, its just that I still lose every game I play him in :sob:

Exactly Yarrr, that might make it slightly better but at least it’s 1 key. Increase its HP to the point where it can serve it’s purpose.

Even adding in a peanut amount of damage like 100 or so, with increments of like 7-10 per level is not bad. Considering it’s a rare.
And voila! We have a less crappy rusty.

Please take note of this devs. What do you guys think?

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