Push / Pull indicator

It would be nice if you could activate some kind of indicator in-game that shows you where certain push or pull effects would move your phobies. It’s often quite unclear if something will be moved to the left or the right one of 2 available hex tiles. Heavy 2.0 in particular makes my brain go haywire sometimes trying to predict in what directions it might disperse my creatures.

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Hey Nihgo! This is a great suggestion. I’ll make sure we share it with the team for consideration and see what they think. : )

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Ita also very strange how the push and pull interactions work. The best example of this would be the challenge that requires you to kill two phobies using lava. It’s possible to to kill them using a certain push direction But the game refuses to let you push in that direction. And indicator of ability range/ direction when you select the descriptor period and not just when something is in range or the enemy is attacking would be great.

Examples of this would be dream stealers ability which I still have no clue why It won’t activate when I have enemies in my los and space empty next to me within the range it states.

To add to indicator qol change being able to see the ENEMY phobies ability attack range would help a lot to avoid the situation I’ve faced multiple times where I simply had no clue/misunderstood what the description even meant on phobies I hadn’t faced before. Lack of knowledge which let made me line up my phobies in the WORST way possible. Unless that’s intended as a learning process it seems largely unfair to newer players who no nothing about all the different phobies or what kind of abilities are in this game. Like essentially half map aoes which at times don’t even come accross as that kind of ability by description.


Bro Finnigan is so strong and Its just two keys.