My First Dreadful Pack Opening!

I Opened my first ever Dreadful Pack and was really excited when I found My newest friend:
Heavo-3.0! It is such a good lobber, its attack does a splash, but all phobies hit take the same damage! Instead of it doing 350, and next to where the attack landed 175. Honestly a really good Phobie.


Congrats! I have him too he was also my first, use him well.


grats you pulled one of the strongest unit in the game


It’s crazy to me that yall are this lucky :sob:

What did you get, it certainly cant be THAT worse than heavo 3.0… except if you got sockassin, tick, jaws(maybe), leshy, edgar allen, russell, whuffallo will or bogart

i’d trade heavo for tick, sockassin and jaws

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I have a feeling im gonna get boom and if that happens im done goodbye i literally don’t what to do with golden garbage

Nah i beleive in you
+1 lucky charm