I Spent 6000 Coffes (again) to open 3 Dreadful Packs

Hello, i’m back again…
Today, i will share my experience when i open 3 Dreadful Packs…

Personally, i was quite happy because i got 8 new Phobies. I didn’t believe that i got Goon… He was quite useful i think…

What do you think guys?? :grin: :grin: :grin:

(I also make Youtube Channel, Blazey 1000, feel free to watch it :grin: :grin:)

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I think you’re lucky. Well it depends how many phobies you already have, but when I open dreadful packs, I don’t get new ones anymore. But out of all the new ones, the best one you got is Fishtank. It is pretty strong, health and attack wise.

Thank You… I wish you will be lucky at your next opening Packs… :slight_smile:

Yes, Fishtank is good. Need more card to upgrade it hehe

Nah goon is better by a landslide, my bootiful line attack boi

Damn you lucky bastard

I wish you are lucky too, my friend

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Nice! Goon is a very strong phobie