My top most hated phobies and my reason why i hate them so much

Starting of this list from number

  1. Ray chargles : even tho he is my first why i hate him is because of me getting his upgrade cards EVERY SINGLE TIME always from any pack i open be it uneasy or even scary its just ray chargles so now i have him at level 7 and my other ones that i use like klepto still at level 6 because yes.

  2. Jar cannon : i swear to God he always survives on 1 clucking hp always getting healed again and then massacring all my phobies with the help of insert random other UR that was paid for using there mom’s credit card.

  3. Boom : same like ray chargles bro always come’s up in my zonks and 200 hp just why and also the only situation that works for the boom family is when your opponent lines all his phobies just right but not all of us have 1 braincell so he is going to die anyways before he explodes.

  4. Morty : probably the worst UR to get he is just bad and if you get him one your first dreadful i pay all my condolences to you that is sad, why is he trash you may ask because he is squishy and you have play him absolutely right so he can become a menace.

  5. Clinico : he is just bad he is like ray chargles but 10x worse because there are better options like doctor dermic and second he ABSOLUTELY GOD DAMN ANNOYING literally he is one of the reasons i hate jar cannon and he also gave me my first season pack zonk so that’s why i hate him so much.

Also i have a very inspirational message to you guys : if you’re ever feeling useless and think that everyone hates you just remember that there are these maidenless, useless and ugly phobies exist