Which Phobie You Don't Like?

Now that we know your favorite and most liked Phobies, which Phobie do you dislike in the game the most and why?

Share away! :slight_smile:

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Cerberus… because chonky phobie and can slap your life away


My most hated Phobie is Droney, even though he’s pretty squishy, but his potential on stealing panic points is so good, and he is also hard to catch since he has 3 tile movement and he can also fly through walls. :stuck_out_tongue: He is also good at ending / last hitting your phobie right away.

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I would say it’s Mr. Tramples for me, a 3 tile moving, high damage and health phobie. Its skill can also surprise you and will force you to change plans

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eternal knight, very slow and deals a low amount of damage, his design also scares me

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I hate electricat so much, it’s so weak

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lol whats with the hate for the poor cat

forgot the name but that clown jack in a box, ugh, the tile movement and the damage, it’s so weak but I can see it used somehow to its potential to make it better

Yeah i have to agree with this one ^

If you mean which phobie I hate playing against the most, then it’s probably Cerberus or Unbearable. Too much HP. Also Fishtank. Too much HP, too much damage.

If you meant the phobie I think is genuinely bad, I don’t think I’ve encountered one yet. Some people think the clown phobie is bad, but I think he’s just a higher HP version of Gesundheit. He’d be better with a 2 tile walk radius though.

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I hate Morty. 3 tile move and high damage makes it too good of an assassin when played right.

i hate my first UR unit doughzer, so slow and high cost unit, very bad imo compared with the other UR cards

The resurrecters such as Ted and Jill. When they resurrect, they turn into a plate and revive back with full health. That’s good, but during the resurrection, if just a little bird (Cassowary) or cat (Razor Mouth/ Electricat) steps on them, they die. Pathetic.

But there are others too. Here’s a list of them:

-Doughzer (It isn’t scary, but it is powerful. Kinda annoying.)
-Muffintop (Its sound is really annoying.)
-Maggie (Flies are annoying, of course.)

Mildred. One big punch that is telegraphed a mile away. 8 keys cost with 1 move means you either have to summon too early and let your opponent control the board or too late and it’ll never make it to the fight. No basic attack means their damage per turn is deceptively low. Two tile aoe sounds good but stepping down to 25% damage is more a nuisance than a real danger. Not even particularly tough. Just summon Eratic, or even Ubearable and pocket the difference.

The responses here are very interesting. :slight_smile: