Some new customisation options

Phobies is a great game but it’s lacking in customisation options. Aside from your profile phobie (the phobie that appears above your name in the main menu) there is nothing else that I know about.

As for new things but I doubt they will be added, I have a couple new ideas.

Firstly, having skins for the phobies that you send into battle. For example, say a top hat skin that you could buy for like 150 coffee. When this is equipped, all the phobies you’ve sent into battle will all have a top hat on. Just something that changes the phobies looks, but not to an extent that you can’t tell what the phobie is by looking at it.

Secondly, maybe have different trail options. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this but there are white clouds that appear when a phobie moves and does actions. Like a simple option to change the colour of the trail would be fine. For example, the flame trail, all phobies sent into battle will have tiny flames as a trail. This should be pretty cheap, around 45 coffee for one I guess.

Finally, new backgrounds. This will change the background for the async games list, the fears list, and other things like that. The ones we’ve got already are passable but not particularly great, the bland yellow for the async games list, the dark grey for the fears list. For example, the skull background, it turns the backgrounds into a background with a skulls pattern on it. It should cost about 80 coffee.

Thanks for reading and give me as much feedback as possible :smile:

All are unnecessary :-1:t2:

Fair enough. It would be cool if they were added tho. These are not must have changes.