Need some help with a problem

I was on my main account DarkDJ13 when i reached stress level 30 but my alt hopehunter! Didn’t get the terrifying pack reward do i have to reach level 31 or is it just a bug

Did you refer your main account to your alt? Cause if you did then yeah its a bug

Yeah I did i was really hope for that terrifying pack can i still get the pack?

Hey there.

We can have our team look into this, I’ll bring it up during our community sync today and see if I can obtain some clarity. :slight_smile:

What level is your other account?

Main still 30 alt 23 but 21 at the time

Just for context, you referred your current MAIN account to your alternate account?
What levels were they when you referred them?

Main was 10 alt 1 I’m pretty sure those were the level but I’m not certain