New feature idea: Rock bottom

I don’t actually want this in the game but it could be an interesting concept

When you lose more than 15 matches in a row (maybe more) we unlock rock bottom, this allows us to fuse 2 phobies together to gain a new one.
This is based on the rarity, if we fuse two phobies of the same rarity, we get a higher one (common + common = uncommon)

Maybe a way to convert the upgarde cards for phobies you don’t need into upgrade cards for phobie you use is better

maybe one they hit the level cap, they can be converted to card pieces, 100 peices for the rarity above it

that could be interesting, once your phobie is completely leveled up you can choose to change it to a better one or keep it

What’s the max level?

Max level is 30, which NO ONE has reached yet

They should probably lower it, maybe to 10-15 max idk