Free Phobie rotation

How about you give us 3-5 key Phobie on a weekly basis for free? It could spice up gameplay and help new players to catch up.

Or maybe link it with certain stress level? It could be rewarding like higher stress level = more phobies or vica versa - level 1 3x, level 10 2x level 20+ 1x free Phobies

I can also imagine this could be the way to test out new Phobies too.


It is a pretty good idea to have a select weekly/monthly phobie rotation similar to Brawlhalla’s weekly legend rotation.
If not already unlocked these phobies would adapt to the average level of all of your phobies (thereby incentivizing players to upgrade their less used phobes).


theres a problem that can be immediately noticed when looking at this, if its based on level, then they can choose not to upgrade their phobies to get 3 new phobies every week. and i feel like if it were vice versa then it wouldn’t be fair to lower level players.