New Phobie Idea: THE STATUE

Phobie Name: “The Statue” or “SCP-173”
Phobie Race: Monster (or dimensional?)
Phobie Key Cost: 6

HP: 2100 (Previously 4000)
Walking Movement: 4
Damage: 1,700 Melee

This phobie cannot move or attack if any enemy phobie attacked it last turn.

I need help balancing this phobie idea. It’s obviously modeled after SCP-173. Anyone willing to help balance or modify my idea?


4k health, 4 tile movement and almost 2k damage for a 6 key


The concept of only attacking if it hasn’t been hit last turn isn’t bad tho


Thanks for reviewing! Any suggestions?

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Lower it’s stats or elevate it’s cost

creo que con 3 mosaicos es mas que suficiente porque si no va a ser muy poderoso

It’s a pretty good concept btw :grin: