New phobie (kinda finished)

Didnt really know how to balance it out which means I dont know the damage, health, movement but I know it makes itself into a trap its invisible moving on map, its only visible when its spawned and can turn into a trap anywhere


How many keys do ya think thats worth

Like one or two since it turns into a trap

For one key:
400 hp
200 atk
Trap dmg 600
For 2 keys:
700 hp
300 atk
Trap dmg 900
Both have 2 movement and 1 atk range

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Thank you so much for making stats for the phobie I drew because I sure couldnt have :sweat_smile: one day Im going to animate this… hopefully

Well im a bit of a phobies idea maker myself, this ones my favourite

His ability is to create two podiums making a bridge which you can walk over pits and buildings, but they share the same amount of hp even when taking dmg and if destroyed the phobie dies if its over pits or buildings


thanks again fellow phobie artist:)

I like it … It’s cool as f…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Good stats, you’re good at it